Dagorhir is a medieval battle game. In short, you have weapons made of PVC pipe, foam, fabric, and some carpet tape to hold them together. There's a group of kids at my school who also "play Dagorhir."

In the picture above the last paragraph, do you see the guy in the yellow tunic? He's the herald. Basically that means that he is the referee of the battle. He enforces rules and can also call special things like "Clear the dead" or "Dead rise to kill the living." Sometimes everyone turns to kill the herald instead of each other, and then things get interesting. (We didn't tell Graham that we were going to do that, we just kind of all decided to do it.)

I've tried many times to explain why I have this strange obsession... No one can really understand, except for those of us who do it. Dagorhir is uncommon, interesting, and unusual. It's a better contact sport than any other contact sport I've ever played. You get to be with other people who have the same strange interests as you, and you get to get dirty, smack people with things, and wear cool clothes. It's also really good exercise - running away from people who might be taller or larger than your or carrying larger weapons. The Dagorhir group that I am a part of... everyone is a little bit crazy and most people are larger, taller, and older than I am. But it's still really, REALLY fun.

Dagorhir is a great way to take out your anger. And it's perfectly safe! You get to live Medieval Europe without the pain or plagues.

Hey, guess what! I finally got pictures of MY group, the Northlands Militia! Here are some of the better ones. (Most were taken by Zagref's dad on a digital camera during a snowstorm-slash-rainstorm at a Saturday practice, so that accounts for them.) The names given for the pictures are the Dagorhir names of my friends, not their REAL names.

Okay, from left to right: Togo, me (Ainnir), Bahli, McGarrigill, and Oracle.

Me and Bahli have a fight. (We're two of the five or so girls, but we show up the most.)

You can visit our actual website at this address . Check out more pictures and if you want to join, please do! We'd love to have more people.

Togo (our fearless captain)

Gorkk, Oracle, Togo, and Bahli

Helter at Ragnarok (he taught me how to duel)

Zagref and Bahli duel it out

Zagref, Bahli, and me

Togo and Zagref reviewing the troops

Please check back soon for more stuff! I'll find some more pictures - I plan to take some soon - and I hope you've enjoyed reading about my crazy friends and me, and our strange hobbies.

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